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competition teams

our competition teams consist of four different

teams to choose from including the new team

added this year for ages 5 yrs to 1st grade. 


The Elite Team

The company team


The Studio Team

The Mini Team *new*


team routines practice days and time 
this will be added closer to season. please look at main schedule for when practices times are slotted for. 

The Elite Team

The elite team is a new team adding to the studio this season. This team will be an USASF Member and compete specifically at UDA and DTU competitions including traveling to Nationals

this team will meet multiple times a week and start their season in June and end in June 

The Company Team

The company team consists of our 5th-12th grade dancers. This team is a traveling team and will compete at local competitions and travel to competiions in the upper midwest area. This team will also attend studio nationals every year typically in june. Some of the routines in this team will begin learning choreography in the summer months 

The Studio Team

The studio team is for our new ompetitive daners that are typically 2nd-5th grade. These dancers will begin their season in september and end in may. They attend local competitions. This is a great team to be on to get prepped for the company team or if you have never been on a competitive dance team before.

The Mini Team

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