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Class Schedule

Ballet/Jazz/Kick combo

this class works on the technique and skills associated with Ballet, Jazz and Kick genres of dance. They will learn 2-3 routines which will include the three genres. Uniform is a combo uniform that can be used for all three genres of dance


Tap classes focus on the beginning all the way through advanced skills in tap. This class performs one routine at each of our shows. uniform is determined by coach. 



musical theatre

this class is a class that focus on portraying a story through music and typically performs a routine based on broadway shows or musicals. this class uses props and uniforms that portray their characters and items from home

Twinkle Toes and Tutu Tots

These are our preschool classes. In these classes they will learn the basic skills for all genres of dance from ballet to acro to kick to jazz and hip hop. They get one uniform for the season and perform at our shows and more.  these classes are offered in either 6 week increments or 6 months and begin in november with a fun 6 week theme based camp in the fall


our hip hop classes focus on beginner to advanced skills. they learn a routine for each 6 week session which begins in november. They also will learn some breaking skills along with acro, tutting, isolations, and body movement. 




in our ballet classes we work on the fundamentals of ballet, flexibility and strength. we highly recommend this class for all our competition team members to continue to improve their technique, pointe and posture

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